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Pennywise and Me: A Look at Stephen King’s IT

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Stephen King’s original novel IT, the 1990 television miniseries, and the upcoming 2017 theatrical release. The Urban Legend Just like the kids in Stephen King’s seminal 1986 novel IT, my first encounter with Pennywise

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A Kaiju For All Seasons: Finding a Foe for the New Godzilla

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The King of the Monsters is back and he’s here to stay. Earlier this month, Godzilla returned to the big screen and performed quite well at the box office, netting a worldwide total of nearly 330 million dollars (at the

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The Langella System Chapter II: Dark of the Langella System


For those of you haven’t read the first chapter on the foolproof ranking system named after legendary film and theater actor Frank Langella, let me provide you with a refresher. Frank Langella starred in Masters of the Universe (the He-Man

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The Langella System Chapter I: Rise of the Langella System

Skeletor 03

What defines a great performance? Surely the slew of awards heaped upon actors for their roles would qualify. Every year, dozens of actors stand judged by their peers and Hollywood aficionados for performances that are deemed the best in their

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Ten Things You Need to Know About: Iron Man 3

Tony Stark dons the new "Mark XLVII" armor for Iron Man 3.

1. Familiar Faces- Most of the series cast is returning, with Robert Downey, Jr.  once again leading the charge of talented actors. Also returning is Gwyneth Paltrow (who made a brief appearance in this summer’s “The Avengers”) as Pepper Potts,

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Self-Referential Horror Films: Love Letters to the Genre

Horror films have become something of a joke over the last decade or so. Many American horror films in recent years have been either remakes of either classic horror films(Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street) or

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