Episode 28 – Star Trek Into Darkness

The episode so good that Alex cries! The film nerds discuss what they’ve been watching, whether or not Fight Club is overrated, and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness. Also, this marks the first week of our giveaway! Listen to the episode for a trivia question that you can answer for a chance to win the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-Ray Box Set! Email your answer to feedback@midwestfilmnerds.com with your name and like us on Facebook for your chance to win! There will be a trivia question for the next three weeks and each correct answer nets you another chance to win for a total of four.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • What We’ve Been Watching:
    • Willie: Life of Pi, Disturbing Behavior (0:02:11)
    • Nick: The Terminator series, Primer, Upstream Color (0:05:54)
    • Alex: The Great Gatsby (0:13:12)
  • Discussion:
    • Willie’s Controversial Opinion: Fight Club is overrated (0:17:53)
  • Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (0:37:47)
    • Spoilers Start: (0:59:19)
  • Outro (1:39:21)

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